Hear What Our Patients Have to Say...

I have known Dr. D since she first started in the business. I used to be quite skeptical about chiropractic until my partner convinced me to try it. I cannot put into words the difference it makes in how you feel and function from day to day. Danielle is nothing short of a miracle. I go every week and I can hardly wait to go and get adjusted tomorrow. Try it once and you will be a believer and completely amazed.
— Tracy L.

I’ve been to a few chiropractors for my lower back issues, and this is the first chiropractor who has actually listened to my problem and adjusts me very specifically for my problem. I’ve had significant relief, and I am confident that my back issues will resolve completely with continued care. I have a super rotated pelvis that I know requires a lot of care, but I’ve been amazed at how much better I feel day to day since going to Dr. Danielle! Dr. Rachel has adjusted me a few times and she’s awesome too.

If you’re looking for a place to just give you the same adjustment every week and send you on your way, there are plenty of places to go. If you want someone who examines you every time you come in, remembers what your specific problem is and adjusts you accordingly, then you have to come to MFW. The doctors here will also give you exercises, stretches and other tips to get you back to health as quickly as possible, because they actually want you to get better and not just take your money.
— Megan K.

I have been with Dr. D. ( as we all call her) since she started. My partner and I found her by chance and fell in love with her personality and her loving heart. Once you come in and get an adjustment your like part of the family ( expect to be hugged). I have seen a huge difference in my health since I started going to her. From the minute, you walk into the office till the time you leave you feel welcomed and loved. If you’re looking for a chiropractor give her a try, once you do you’ll be back!
— Kris G.

All that I can say is that Dr. Danielle is great at what she does! I’ve been seeing her for over 2 years now and I am completely happy with the results that I have experienced. I have a family history of back pain and back issues and Dr. D has been a great source of helping me avoid these health issues. I look forward to dropping in for my appointment every week. Her office is very laid back, with a relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for adults and kids - very kid friendly! Her staff is professional and very helpful - and they are also pretty funny.....
I can’t say enough good things about Midtown Family Chiro!
— Eric M.

Dr. Danielle is a miracle worker! I starting seeing her around week 24 or so of my pregnancy when I was having unsettling pelvic pain (also know as pubic symphysis, caused by an early onset of the hormone, relaxin). At the time I could hardly get out of the car, or roll over in bed without excruciating pain and I’m now nearly 38 weeks and I feel great! After just a few weeks of appointments (2-3 times a week) I began to notice a huge difference. She truly helped my case and I am so grateful for her! Furthermore, she’s a great person, as is her staff - I look forward to seeing all of them on a weekly basis...always so pleasant!
— Simon S.

I started going to Dr. D because I am pregnant and was having this really sharp, shooting pain in my lower back (my sacrum) that was preventing me from being able to exercise, go on walks with my dog, etc. It just really hurt and my midwife had also recommended chiropractic adjustments to help get the baby in to that ideal head-down, face-down position before delivery. Also, I had this nagging issue where my neck couldn’t turn to the left all the way. It was more of a nuisance than anything, and something I had learned to deal with for several years, but since I was going for my back pain, I figured I would mention it and see if we could get that worked out too.

Within the first couple of visits, my back pain completely disappeared. Gone - and has only come back once in the 2-3 months that I’ve been going. Also, I noticed about a month in that I could move my neck all the way to the left! I know how crazy it sounds that I let that go on for years (I’m 29), but it was more annoying than anything and not something I was willing to pay to get fixed. But I am so glad that it is fixed now!
— Katy D.

Was always reluctant to go to a doctor to address my back issues. The doctors and staff make you feel very comfortable and the experience has exceeded my expectations. They take time to educate and inform patients on their specific issues and how this relates to your overall health. The difference I have felt over the last four weeks has been an eye-opener, not only has my back never felt better, I have fewer headaches and a lot more energy at work. My only regret is not coming in sooner!
— Chris R.